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#BRIGHT – We connect, empower & inspire!

28 June 2021
BRIGHT is a three-day virtual conference by Creative Business Network on 28 – 30 June that will renew your perspective on entrepreneurship and creativity. The focus is on the cultural…

Real estate market forecasts for 2021 – Deloitte Report

10 May 2021
Deloitte's real estate industry forecasts, were developed by Deloitte's real estate team in the Netherlands. They describe trends in the real estate market that may affect the sector in the…

Business Tigers 2020 – Pro Progressio Report

8 April 2021
Pro Progressio is an active observer of the modern business services sector in Poland and worldwide. The reports that it prepares are a reliable and objective analysis of data, presenting…

Trwa kampania edukacyjna: Cash Lajf Balans

26 November 2020
Trwa edukacyjna kampania Cash Lajf Balans Ministerstwa Funduszy i Polityki Regionalnej. Celem działań jest zachęcenie młodzieży z Polski Wschodniej do rozwoju swoich pasji i przekuwania ich w biznes. Województwa Polski…