Innovative logistics

Lublin has the conditions – strategic location and infrastructure – to become the main logistics center of the eastern border of the European Union.

This is due to a very favorable location at the intersection of transport routes from the Baltic States to the Balkans and from Western Europe to Ukraine and Russia, as well as to the constantly developed network of transport infrastructure and the availability of resources necessary for industry investors. Lublin is surrounded by high-capacity expressways. The railway infrastructure allows for the transport of goods to the east of Europe and towards sea ports in the Baltic Sea. Lublin airport offers cargo reloading services. Lublin is rich in investment areas for the logistics industry and industrial developers, and local government institutions offer entrepreneurs full support during the investment process. The labor market is full of qualified employees educated, among others Lublin University of Technology and Transport and Communication Technical School. The city’s attractive offer for the logistics industry and industrial developers is confirmed by the investments of global tycoons of the sector located in Lublin.

Mełgiewska Logistics Centre – the symbol of how dynamically logistics in Lublin develops

Only in five years of operation, Mełgiewska Logistics Centre tripled their warehouse space and obtained access to a railway siding, as the only logistics center in Lublin.

Stanisław Pawłowski, the owner of Pawtrans transport company, identified the unexplored potential of logistics in Lublin. He built an A-class warehouse – one of the first buildings of this type in the city. This is how Mełgiewska Logistics Centre was founded. The company did not have to wait long to serve its first customers interested in renting the warehouse space being offered. They were attracted not only by the convenient location of the center, which is close to the expressway and the airport but also by our open-minded and customer-centric approach. For example, one of the buildings was designed and built to meet the expectations and needs of its current user, an operator of spedition services. The potential of the local logistics market allowed us to expand and move to the building of a former car factory paint shop.

The facility was suitable for storage and production, provided access to truck scales and a railway siding, which we are planning to use for offering transshipment services to third parties.

An excellent location at the junction of transportation routes, high-quality transport infrastructure in and around the city and access to the airport make Lublin an excellent source of expansion opportunities for the logistics industry. This is proven not only by a rapid increase in the number of warehousing and industrial facilities being available in the city but also by growing interest of prospective customers who will be able to recruit highly-qualified personnel graduating from top universities.

Additionally, each investor will be provided with the professional support offered by members of staff of the municipal government administration. Expansion of industrial enterprises depends on logistics services and, thus, their dynamic growth shall continue to provide expansion opportunities for logistics centers situated in Lublin.

Marek Gromaszek
Administration and Technical Manager
Mełgiewska Logistics Centre

Raben Logistics Polska – your partner in logistics

Years of experience, regular investments and openness to new solutions make the company one of the leaders in the logistics industry in Poland.

Raben Logistics Polska is a part of Raben Group, a family company established in 1931, present in 12 European countries. The first logistics center in Poland was established almost 30 years ago. The dynamic development of the network of branches of Raben Logistics Polska made it possible for us to organize fast transport of entrusted goods with the use of our own infrastructure. We provide warehouse and transport services for small, medium and large companies. To meet new trends in the industry and customer needs, we have launched an electronic transport tracking system. We have provided our customers with a tool allowing them to track the shipment in real-time – ETA – and showing the estimated time of arrival, in which the means of transport will reach its destination. Also, we provide a range of additional services, including warehousing, promotional campaigns and full co-packing.

The Lublin branch, which has been operating for almost two decades, was established due to its strategic location. In 2013, we carried out an investment, thanks to which we now have one of the most modern logistics centres of Raben Group. We have new halls of transport logistics, including a high bay warehouse and a cross-dock warehouse. The Lublin branch employs 65 people. However, the dynamic development of the company and the possibility of further expansion of the logistics centre on the occupied plot open the prospect of expanding the team with new specialists in the coming years. This is achieved through internship programs, which we carry out in cooperation with Lublin universities.

Many of our local clients operate within the SEZ Lublin Subzone. Its presence in the region and the development of production companies located in it is an important stimulus to growth also for Raben Logistics Polska. As a logistics company, we appreciate the modernization of road infrastructure in the region and look forward to the implementation of further domestic and international connections. Cooperation with the city authorities is also important for us, as they are invaluable support during investment processes.

Maciej Boratyński
Head of Branch
Raben Logistics Polska