Automated food processing and functional food

Lublin is an important food processing center due to long tradition and its location in the center of a large agricultural region.

Lublin Region is the Polish center of agricultural production which provides 1/3 of raw materials for the entire domestic market. Its natural topography, climate and fertile soils are invaluable assets. Growing various types of cereal, industrial plants, vegetables and fruit, along with animal husbandry, allow Lublin to be a source of raw material supply. Moreover, the ecological food sector is also growing rapidly, with 2000 farms being run in the region.

The best-developed sectors in Lublin include the cereal-milling, fruit and vegetable, dairy, meat, brewing, herbal, beekeeping, tobacco and spirit industries. Enterprises benefit from collaborating with universities to develop technological and product innovations. Farmers are open to cooperation in introducing new crops in terms of industry needs. An additional advantage is the favorable geostrategic location of Lublin, good transport infrastructure and the development of logistics companies in the city, thanks to which companies from the sector can efficiently distribute their products.

ZPZ “LUBLIN” – a living history of the Lublin industry

One of the oldest still operating Lublin industrial plants is currently experiencing its second youth, supplying premium potato intermediate products to the market.

Zakłady Przemysłu Ziemniaczanego (ZPZ, Potato Industry Plant) “LUBLIN” is a living industrial history of Lublin. The company started its activity in 1909 and since then have constantly supplied food manufacturers with the highest quality intermediate potato products. At present, the Lublin plant specializes in potato grits, which is the leading Polish producer; potato flakes whose quality is valued both by Polish and foreign recipients; as well as glucose syrup obtained from potato starch, which is the only producer in the country. This syrup is a unique product, completely safe for people with allergies and gluten intolerance.

Lublin, as the capital of the agricultural region, is an ideal place to do business in the food processing sector. Thanks to this excellent location, ZPZ can cooperate on a partnership basis with potato growers from the region, and thus take a rigorous care of the quality of the raw material that goes into production. The company, after the difficulties of transition in the food market, has put a high premium on quality and now supplies only the finest products to the market. The openness of the City of Lublin to prop up all actions supporting the locally operating industry is also particularly important concerning further ZPZ plant development planning and future investments.

The current situation of ZPZ, the satisfaction of contractors with the quality of products offered by the company and the development opportunities in Lublin allow us to look forward to the future with optimism and continue to write the history of this company well-deserved to the city.

Piotr Kaniowski
President of the Board
ZPZ “LUBLIN” Sp. z o.o.

Lubella – the leader of pasta manufacturer in Poland

We have nearly 140 years of experience in manufacturing.  The City of Lublin, where we have been operating from the very beginning, provides us with the proximity of raw material suppliers and on the other hand, great opportunities for cooperation with universities in the field of research and development.

We aim at providing customers with products of the best quality. This can be achieved only by being provided with raw materials of top quality. Production in Lublin, the capital city of the farmland region, offers excellent opportunities and direct partnership with suppliers. Close relations with farmers allow us to adjust crop cultivation and breeding new species in order to meet our production needs. Durum wheat, introduced to Polish agriculture as a result of our efforts, is a perfect example of such cooperation. Most of its fields are located in Lublin Region. We not only monitor its cultivation, from sowing to harvesting, but we also provide theoretical and training support to our partners.

Moreover, close ties with academic and scientific milieus are particularly valuable to us. We use the results of their research work and, at the same time, support them by providing materials and the opportunity to verify their studies in practice. We cooperate with the University of Life Sciences in Lublin in the field of innovation in the extrusion and cultivation of durum wheat. The Lublin University of Technology is our partner in organizing trade conferences, as well as student apprenticeship and internship programs. Graduates of higher education institutions in Lublin make up a significant group of our employees, especially in the quality assurance department, which handles the control of our products. This allows us to offer the best quality only.

Due to close bonds with Lublin Municipal Office, the entire Lubella production plant was incorporated into the Special Economic Zone. As a consequence, we will see further investment in the production and warehousing facilities and expansion of the entire enterprise.

Piotr Romańczuk
Vice President, Logistics Director
Lubella Sp. z o.o.

AmerPharma – producer of functional food and nutrients from Lublin

Food-tech is one of the industries of the future. AmerPharma is already developing food products that meet the needs of more and more aware consumers.

The area of ​​pharmacy and nutrition has never been a stranger to me. As a child, I learned from my mother – a master’s degree in pharmacy, and after graduation I started my long-term cooperation with US Pharmacia in the United States. I returned to Lublin to start my own business. Initially, I ran an online store with nutrients for athletes, and in 2012 I opened the AmerPharma company. The company is involved in contract manufacturing of functional food and dietary supplements, but at the same time it develops products under its brand. Our products are on shelves in Poland and 27 countries around the world.

AmerPharma’s product offer is the result of a process during which we analyze the needs of consumers, develop the product and test it. The team consists of specialists in the field of biotechnology, food, but also, thanks to the brand’s presence on foreign markets, people with knowledge of foreign languages. The company’s mission, apart from providing high-quality products, is also to support interesting projects in the field of food-tech. AmerPharma is the founder of the Smart Foodies accelerator, which verifies ideas and helps in developing startups in the food industry.

Lublin is a great place to run a business according to the idea of ​​”live local, earn global”. Cost-effectiveness makes it worth taking the risk of establishing and developing an innovative enterprise. The presence of the university guarantees qualified staff and scientific background, which in the case of AmerPharma is extremely helpful in developing new products. Lublin is also a city with a rich tradition in the food industry. I believe that the exchange of technology and experience between local producers can elevate the region to the position of the European leader in the production of functional food.

Mariusz Klementowski
Owner AmerPharma