Experience Industry

The 21st-century city is not just an area reserved for office buildings and factories, but primarily a meeting place for the exchange of ideas and experiences, as well as an incubator of creativity and modern culture.

Lublin, due to its favorable geographic location on routes connecting Western with Eastern Europe, as well as Scandinavia with the Balkans, has always been a convenient meeting place for trade, and intermingling cultures have stimulated the high creativity level of its residents. Modern Lublin offers cutting-edge infrastructure tailored to business meetings: exhibition halls, conference centers and the best hotels with a unique standard of service.

Industries connected with culture and creativity thrive in the city. The newly opened Centre for the Meeting of Cultures hosts world-class artists and unique events. It fosters the development of high and alternative culture by organizing famous festivals such as the Magician’s Carnival and Different Sounds. The city’s creative industry is visible both in artists’ work, as well as the rapidly developing companies recognized in Poland and abroad, supported by a growing start-up ecosystem and the creativity of academic circles.

Targi Lublin – a city-forming role of the trade fairs

Targi Lublin uses local economic potential, convenient location and many years of experience to organize high-quality events for both business and individual customers.

Trade fairs in Lublin have a long history reaching back to the Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition in 1901. However, their current activity as a specialist institution organizing the trade fairs began in 1999 with the establishment of Międzynarodowe Targi Lubelskie (Lublin International Fair), transformed in 2011 into Targi Lublin S.A. In 2010, Poznań International Fair became one of the owners of the company. Since 2012, we have had two modern halls and open exhibition space in the city center, close to the railway station and the future metropolitan station. Hence, we can organize various events for both business and individual customers, in a very convenient location.

Today the trade fair is a place where product innovations are presented, modern technologies are introduced, and opportunities are created for testing the presented solutions in practice. Therefore, we make sure that the offer of events organized at Targi Lublin matches the needs of entrepreneurs from the city and the region and that their results influence local economic development. This, combined with the business tourism generated by national and international events, means that trade fairs play a city-forming role nowadays. Targi Lublin builds the image of Lublin by organizing prestigious events, such as congresses, galas or conferences. All these activities create added value for the city by activating its inhabitants and stimulating the services sector.

We are one of the most important trade fair centers in Poland. Adequate facilities – over 12 thousand of internal exhibition space, professional team and many years of experience let us organize about 60 events every year, which are visited by over 170 thousand people, and 2300 companies exhibit on them. Themes of trade fair events include construction, automotive, agricultural, energy, border protection and many others. Moreover, the location near the European Union’s eastern border is an opportunity for the development of the competences of the company. We want to become a meeting place for the exchange of experiences of Western and Eastern entrepreneurs.

Robert Głowacki
President of the Board
Targi Lublin

LCK Lublin Conference Centre – add Lublin flavor to your meeting

LCK Lublin Conference Centre  offers unique possibilities for organizing conferences and meetings in a modern facility in the very center of Lublin.

The most recent research conducted on a national scale shows that the Meetings Industry in Poland already generates over 1% of the national GDP. This indicates a dynamic growth of the sector, which is beginning to make a significant contribution to the country economy. The need to create favorable conditions for the meetings industry in Lublin was noticed by The Lublin Region authorities, which resulted in the creation of a unique on a national scale conference complex, the heart of which is the Lublin Conference Centre, in the very center of the city. The LCK, The Center for the Meeting of Cultures, Lublin Philharmonic and the Musical Theatre offer over 7,500 m2 of the highest quality modern event space.

The first years of LCK’s activity have shown that Lublin needed such an investment dedicated to the organization of conferences and business meetings. We note an increase in the number of events by 30% year over year. Our advantages are an excellent location, comprehensive offer and the novelty effect – many organizers willingly choose Lublin, which already has the appropriate conference facilities to host international events. Our activity is also a stimulus for the development of the hotel market in the city and other complementary industries. Therefore, within the Lublin & Region Convention Bureau, we join forces in acquiring new business events to support the entire meeting industry in the region.

The future of the conference sector in Lublin lies in further supra-regional and international events, which provide the city with the most significant developmental and profitable benefits. Poland is already in the top twenty of the prestigious ranking of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), and among the cities, Lublin has been included in the list as one of only six Polish meeting destinations. With such an offer and infrastructure, we have got nowhere to go but up.

Radosław Dudziński
Head of LCK
Lublin Conference Centre

Hampton by Hilton Lublin – a global hotel brand

The Hampton by Hilton Hotel in Lublin is an example of how the Lublin hospitality market combines tourist and business services.

Just a few years ago Lublin was confronted with the problem of the insufficient number of hotel places. They were missing during the season of the most important cultural events, and business guests had a very limited choice. We saw a need to diversify our real estate development activity; Lublin is very close to our hearts, hence the decision to invest in a hotel that would meet our business needs and commitment in the development of our hometown. We were looking for a suitable operator whose service standard would meet the needs of the most demanding guests – both tourist and business – who are increasingly present in Lublin year by year, and whose global brand would constitute an added value for the city. We decided that it would be Hilton.

Lublin has developed very well in terms of culture and business over the last few years. The presence of the first hotel of the prestigious Hilton brand in the city has a positive impact on the city’s image as a tourist destination. People coming to the city to take part in festivals such as Night of Culture or Carnaval Sztukmistrzów, or business meetings know that a stay in Lublin can be combined with accommodation in a hotel ensuring the highest standard, repeatable in every facility of the chain around the world. They can also use a restaurant serving local delicacies, and the location with a large car park in the city center is an additional advantage for motorized guests.

The first year of the hotel’s operation proved that this investment was necessary for the city. We hosted sports teams, artists, entrepreneurs, as well as numerous conferences and events. We have many satisfied guests from Poland and abroad, but we also see the need to educate future staff, which is why we welcome interns from Lublin schools and universities who want to learn about the standards of work of the global hotel chain. We are ready for further development of the city and the tourist flows following it. Welcome to Lublin!

Anita Wysokińska
President of Global Property sp. z o.o. S.K.A.
Owner of Hampton by Hilton Lublin

Centre for the Meeting of Cultures – the culture, creativity and conference hub

The Centre for the Meeting of Cultures (CSK) is Lublin’s largest culture, creativity and experience hub. This is a place which generates new ideas, where a variety of cultural and art activities are performed and where dialogue in the spirit of tolerance and openness to the world outside takes place.

In a highly competitive and globalized economy, creativity is the factor that offers the most significant advantage, and thus one of our tasks is to create a comfortable environment for the meeting of culture and business in an exciting and inspiring location. By doing so, we are becoming a material stakeholder in the business, cultural and social ecosystem. Visitors to CSK constitute a diverse group. Our statistics indicate that nearly half of them are newcomers. We assume that a significant part of those visitors are entrepreneurs and business representatives, who combine culture with their business meetings, inspiring themselves and undertaking business-related activities.

To strong academic circles, well-developed transport links and hotel facilities, we are now adding a new space featuring world-class architecture – an opera and performance hall, capable of hosting any large event. As a center for culture, we are also gaining credibility by working with the world’s major cultural institutions, such as the National Opera, the British Museum and the Barbican Centre. We can guarantee a quality artistic program, which is an essential part of the convention sector. We also place a strong emphasis on the value of local culture, which is built on the interface between Eastern and Western Europe.

Our unique strength is in approaching culture by contrasting “high” art, be it opera, drama or exposition, with “low” art – that which is popular, entertaining or even performed in the streets. The innovative formula of our institution – offering high quality, exploring the heritage of Eastern and Central Europe, an openness to the world, vast intellectual resources and competitive prices as compared with similar facilities – make both CSK and Lublin very attractive places.

Piotr Franaszek
Managing Director (in years 2014 – 2019)
Centre for the Meeting of Cultures